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Driven: The Series

Paul Pilcz, Alejandro Hernandez, Gavin Earl Johnson and Writer In The Dark Productions bring you DRIVEN: The Series. What happens when a bride calls herself an Uber to escape from her own wedding ceremony? What happens when an old friend needs to be there for a friend whose just lost his partner? What does a clown carpool look like? Find it all on Driven! Coming to streaming platforms near you. For more information and updates about the project follow Driven on Instagram at @driventheseries.

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The Love Savant

The Love Savant is a family friendly, musical story that tells the tale of autistic musical theater student, Tayvon Jacobs AKA “The Love Savant”. Conceived by Paul Pilcz and Brock Harris, our hero’s journey follows Tayvon on his quest to not only help his musical teachers fall in love, but to help his own parents marriage get back on track all while experiencing the growing pains he faces in his own life while transitioning into the talented and audacious young adult that he is! For inquiry and interest in The Love Savant, please contact Paul using the Contact Page.

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Food, Booze & Bullshit

No matter your heritage, your culture, or what you believe in, we all have at the very least this one basic human need in common. In a time of social and political strife here in America, Food, Booze, & Bullshit (FB&BS) is a celebration of everything that defines the human race. Here comes a show that chooses to build meals rather than to build walls. Just like any group of food enthusiasts, the boys of FB&BS are making it their mission, nay their duty, to identify and to embrace all of the different ingredients that come together to make the extraordinary meal that’s bubbling away inside the bountiful melting pot that is our country .

Pitch Deck
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Paul can be seen as Sonny Gilzean on FOX's hit show Gotham. 

New Music

Stay tuned for some new, original music from Paul. Check back for updates!

Spelling Bee

Paul played the awkward and endearing William Barfee in the Buck's County Playhouse's production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee